Aeronautical Rescue

The Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre, based at RAF Kinloss in Scotland, exists to assist in the saving of life through the efficient co-ordination of information and assets. With RAF Search and Rescue Sea King helicopters, Nimrod patrol aircraft and RAF Mountain Rescue Teams to call upon, the ARCC is a vital hub for UK rescues.

Working closely with the Police, HM Coastguard and Ambulance Authorities, the ARCC provides SAR helicopter, long range fixed wing aircraft and mountain rescue team assistance for a range of incidents UK wide.

Day and night, 365 days a year, the ARCC is standing by to task Search and Rescue assets in the saving of life within the UK’s Search & Rescue region, spanning approximately a million square miles. The ARCC is the central coordination unit for all Search and Rescue helicopters throughout the UK.

From a fallen climber in the Cairngorm mountains of the Scottish Highlands, to a sinking fishing vessel 230 miles west of Ireland, the ARCC is always ready to assist.

Every year the ARCC is involved in over 1800 incidents, calling on the RAF Sea King helicopters, RAF Nimrod patrol aircraft, and RAF Mountain Rescue teams to help people in distress.

The ARCC provided six military SAR helicopters for the Boscastle floods in 2004 and was a vital hub in the rescue effort. An unprecidented total of eleven helicopters were coordinated by ARCC Kinloss during the incident, resulting the rescue of over 100 people.

As well as responding to calls from the emergency services, the ARCC is also home to the UK Mission Control Centre (UKMCC), a satellite distress detection system where emergency electronic beacons are detected and rescue action initiated. 

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