How to Buy the Best Radar Detectors in 2016

best radar detectors 2016
If you’re a newbie or are simply looking to upgrade your year-old radar detector with the latest model and don’t know where to start, here you’ll learn how to pick from all the top radar detectors 2016 has offered so far. The most important thing you need to know while buying a radar detector is to know what features are being offered in today’s radar detector market. Many brands have significantly improved their products and the detectors of today offer high-tech features such as built-in GPS, RDD technology, safety camera databases, customization options and many others. If your potential purchase offers all or some of these features, it means that it’s a product worth purchasing.

Best Radar Detectors 2016

The most important specification of a radar detector is obviously its detection ability. The best radar detector will be able to detect all the bands being used these days in the form of laser guns and radar-detector detectors. X, K and Ka bands are commonly used, so if your device covers these, then you’re good to go. As the devices try to increase their detection power, the chances for false alerts also increase, so most of the radar detectors 2016 also include a filter system to filter out false alarms.

Alert Features

It is important that a radar detector provides all alerts in time so that you can respond appropriately. Most of the best radar detectors today feature voice alerts. Instead of focusing on laser and radar bands, the best radar detectors are required to provide alerts for safety cameras and other hazards as well.

Control Features

Features such as Bluetooth, GPS and mobile apps can also come in handy if you need improved and added control of your detector.